Welcome to The Bhaktishop

The Bhaktishop Yoga Center is a powerful community center that vibrates with the pulse of life and the pursuit of love. We celebrate like-minded company, the pursuit of service and the power of love through all the transformational practices of yoga and bhakti. Bhakti truly means “loving, devotional service,” and at The Bhaktishop, our highly trained, compassionate, and warm-hearted teachers all encourage you to find that loving place within, in which you long to give to others. Together, we do this through dedicated yoga practice, commitment, and service. Whether you are a brand-new student or a life-long seeker, we welcome you with open arms.

Hanuman welcomes you!

Here's the latest

Please call 503-244-0108 or check Facebook for any updates on classes and possible cancellations, in case of weather or visiting teachers.

July 4th Schedule:
6:30am with Melissa
8:30am with Jeannie
10am with Tasha
Noon with Lisa Mae
All other classes on this day are cancelled. Be FREE!!


Just a couple new changes to note online, rather than on the printed schedule...so please check the schedule page for updates.

  • SUMMER SPECIAL REMINDER!!! All early-bird classes on M/W/F start at 6:30-7:30am, and remember, we are offering you a special deal on these early morning gems-- just $8 to drop-in or purchase a 10-class morning pass card for just $80!!
  • HOORAY FOR OUR NEWEST TEACHER!! We are delighted to bring you a class with one of our favorite people in Portland, Annie Kobliska-Becker, now on Tuesdays for the Flow Hour 2/3! Annie is a skilled and experienced vinyasa teacher, and a warm, wonderful, amazing person, and she makes a terrific addition to our schedule. Please come and check out the beautiful flow class that she offers.
  • Friday's Noon Vinyasa 3: Have you take class with the amazing Kate Busby? Currently also a teacher at The People's Yoga, she is warm and kind, very precise, and a kick-ass teacher for you Level 3 peeps. Check her out!
  • Welcome Lia Termini to our subs list! Lia has been a longtime student here, and completed her training two years ago at The Bhaktishop Yoga School. We are excited to bring her on board to share what she loves with you.

Saving Up For A New Home Together
As many of you know, plans to move The Bhaktishop were placed on hold for the winter as we navigated some serious health issues and other roadblocks. We are once again actively seeking a new location that is nearby in the Clinton/Division area with more sustainable rent for the long run. We have diligently saved all of your contributions and donations in a special account earmarked for exactly this purpose! We are grateful for the help and belief in this vision that you have provided us so far. Please use the link below if you wish to donate now, and we promise to continue to keep giving you all you have come to love from The Bhaktishop. Huge thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

Please use the link below if you wish to donate now, and we promise to continue to keep giving you all you have come to love from The Bhaktishop.

KIRTAN is being announced on an event-by-event basis at the moment, so thank you for all your loving support over these past 8 years. Stay tuned here, and chant and be happy!

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.
~ Pablo Neruda

Greetings, dear ones! Gratitude in big heaps for all your dedication and love in yoga practice. We are delighted to share with you the joys of yoga, day after day.